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Great Harbor Trawler Welcome

Welcome to Great Harbour Trawlers, America's Go-Anywhere Liveaboard. Handcrafted and sold factory direct by Mirage Manufacturing in Gainesville, Florida, Great Harbour Trawlers are designed for avid cruisers and fulltime liveaboards. Our fuel-efficient, twin-engine trawlers feature robust construction and the industry's most stable hull form. And, our shallow draft means you'll be able to explore just about anywhere there's more than 3-feet of water. Best of all, our interiors offer all the comforts of home including full size, home appliances. With our focus on safety - twin engines for absolute redundancy, solid fiberglass bottoms and a cored topsides and superstructure that make our boats literally unsinkable - you'll have confidence that your Great Harbour will get you to your destination even in the most challenging conditions. Please enjoy your online tour of Great Harbor Trawlers - America's Go-Anywhere Liveaboard. If you like what you see here, call us to arrange for a factory tour. You'll meet the American craftsmen who would love to build your very own Great Harbour Trawler.

Hope to see you on the waterways!

Ken Fickett

Great Harbour Trawlers